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It was at a performance that we met Ritchie. He performed as the ever-so-energetic Boney M. His act was so cool that we were all very impressed with him; so much so that we (initiated by Alan) wanted him to join the Davalgee Brothers.

Richmond loved the idea just as much as we did and so he became the fifth Davalgee Brother. He ceased his Boney M act and gave himself 100% to the Davalgee Brothers act.

Beside his great musical talent, one thing that Ritchie brought to Davalgee was "INTENSITY." Everything Ritchie did, he did with great intensity and perfection. He was a very serious minded individual who took his act very seriously.

Along with being very serious about Davalgee, Richmond was also a graphic Artist in the making. As with Davalgee, he spent considerable time perfecting is art... and that artistic hard work is now paying off.


Richmond Garrick has become a wonderful artist and graphic designer with PAINTING as his main passion. Richmond's Paintings have been shown in galleries in the U.S. and internationally. He has won numerous awards for Richmond's paintings both locally in the U.S.and internationally. To learn more about his paintings check out his website at:

He received formal training at Milton Margai Teachers college where he got his Higher Teachers Certificate. He later earned an Associate Degree In Marketing Art/Design and pursued his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at Montclair State University and his Masters Degree at Rutgers, Mason Gross School For The Arts. He was a school teacher at St Joseph's Secondary School and Annie Walsh Memorial School in Sierra Leone. He also served as Ad-Junct Professor at both Mason Gross School for the Arts, Rutgers University and Middlesex County College in New Jersey.

Richmond presently works as a designer for Webcraft Technologies. He is still involved in music (on the production side). Currently, he is producing and promoting the Faluni Twins--a singing sensational duo, also from Sierra Leone.

Here's a couple of Richmond's artwork:


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