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As one of the original three, the GEE in the DAVALGEE name represents Rogee.

As the son of the late S.E. Rogie (of "My Lovely Elizabeth" fame) and endowed with similar musical gifts as his father, it came as a natural for Rogee to be the original choreography backbone of the Davalgee.

Rogee was also Davalgee's first President. He was selected through a balloting system that was supervised by Mammy Bangura (Derek and David's mother. She was also the legal guardian of Rogee).

Rogee was the only member who also had a solo career. During the slow Davalgee seasons, Rogee toured the country with his "The One Man Band," an act in which Rogee played about 5 instruments simultaneously.

Rogee Rogers tells a little about himself...

I joined my dad (S. E. Rogie) in Richmond, California in February of 1986. He had a band in which I was the lead guitar. We performed extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area. While in the band and working at both Taco Bell and Burger King, I attend Business College where I learned computers. After graduation, I moved to Hollywood, California to pursue my music career. I lived in Hollywood for the next three years.

While in Hollywood, I formed an 11-piece band which did quite well for a while. We performed at top places like the Roxy and the Galaxy Theatre. All the while, I was trying to get signed by a major label, but that didn't quite happen. I was offered several deals, but after reading the fine print, I could not get myself to sell my soul to some label. Hence, I remained an independent artist.

From 1990 to 1992, I had a variety TV show called "The Rogee Rogers Show." This weekly show was syndicated to about 10 cable channels in Southern California. The show featured discussions of the issues, musical performances by myself and other guests, and my commentary of matters that were happening in my community.

Since 1994, I have been working in the computer, children's productions and education fields -- independently, of course.

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