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As one of the original three, the DAV in DAVALGEE represents David. It was David's love for music and dance that brought about the inspiration of the Davalgees in the first place. He initiated the original spontaneous dance routine and was very instrumental in the beginning stages (and all through out) in the propaganda of the Davalgee name.

David Bangura tells a little about himself...

I left Freetown for Germany May 1986 where I stayed until Nov 1988, learning German in the process. I then moved to the US where I completed my education at Wayne State University acquiring a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Upon graduation, I proceeded to work at a Securities and Brokerage firm, Multi-Bank Securities as a Stock broker. That only lasted a few months as I was approached by CBS TV for an Account Executive Position which I accepted in April 1994. Later that year CBS sold the TV station to FOX Television and I continued on and later was promoted to Senior Account Executive. I stayed with for through September 1999 and then left as I was offered a position of Local Sales Manager responsible for running the entire local sales department for Warner Brothers Detroit. In 2001 I was promoted once again, now heading up the National Sales Department for Warner Brothers Detroit, the position I now hold.

My affiliation with Davalgee Brothers is the foundation of my experience for which my success stands on. As a member of the Davalgee Brothers, I learned how to work as team, negotiate deals and developed a work ethic that is responsible for my success today. I can safely say that I still rely on what I learned from being part of this fraternity, function in my day to day duties of running the sales department of a Television station.

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