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David Bangura  -  Alan Smith  -  Rogee Rogers

David and Rogee are cousins and lived at the same house in Wellington, Freetown, but they attended different secondary schools. Alan and David attended the same school and were friends. Alan and Rogee knew each other, but were not friends, per se.

One Friday night, David and Alan attended a party that was thrown by another friend of theirs. While at the party, Alan and David spontaneous put together a routine and performed for the crowd at the party--they love it. After the party, Alan spent the night over at David's house in Wellington.

The next morning, Saturday, Alan and David could not contain themselves as they explained to Rogee the effect that they had with the little dance routine that they had put together. During the course of that excitement conversation, Alan proposed the possibility of forming a dance group and Rogee would be the third member.

Both Rogee and David liked the idea and immediately began forming a new routine. At this time, we didn't even bother about a name. We just wanted so badly to create a routine. A few house afterwards, on that faithful Saturday more, we had our first dance routine.

The next weekend, we got together to form a name for our group and also select our leadership positions. With the help of Mammy Bangura (David's mother, Rogee's guardian), we wrote different combinations of our names to see which one our be most suitable for us. After many tries, we finally settled on DAV-AL-GIE. DAV from David's name; AL from Alan's name; and GIE from Rogee's name. At the time we formed the group, Rogee's name was spelled Rogie. See FAQ for how Rogee's name got changed from Rogie to Rogee. Now that we had a name that we like, we decided to call ourselves: "The Davalgee Three."

President, Treasurer, Promoter

To create our leadership, we used a simple balloting system. Under the supervision of Mammy Bangura, the three of us wrote our names on three pieces of papers. We folded the papers and put them in a box. Mammy pulled out a name for the position of President. Rogee's name was pulled first. Secondly, for the position of Treasurer, Alan's name was pulled out. The last name in the box, David, defaulted to promoter and general management of the group.

With a nice routine and proper leadership in place, we ventured into the world with The Davalgee Three. With the financial sponsorship of Mammy Bangura, we had our first costume made. David and Alan set a few performances at some parties.

After this point, this started working like clock-work. In about six months, The Davalgee Three had gained simi-national fame. We appeared on SLBS (Sierra Leone's only TV station at the time) and performed at several high class venues. Like a wild fire, the Davalgee phenomenon just spread everywhere.

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