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  1. Emrica Kargbo (Blell)
  2. Annie Metziger
  3. Ester Siafa
  4. JuJu (the kid)
  5. Junova (Ellis)
  6. Claudia Solomon
  7. Mariama Rahim
  8. Valerie James
The Davalgee sisters came about as a publicity endeavor. Following in the Davalgee tradition, dancing groups were popping up everywhere in Sierre Leone especially in Freetown where the Davalgee's reigned. Realizing that we needed to come up with yet another cutting edge item, the core decided to form a Sisters section of Davalgee.

In search of the Davalgee sisters, we held a very large campaign because we wanted to attract members from all the major Secondary schools in Freetown. However, majority of the sisters turned out to be from Anni Walsh Secondary School with a couple from St. Joseph's Convent and Girls High School.

The Davalgee sisters debutted at a City Hall performance and were an instant hit with the Sierra Leonean youth. These ladies were just as hard working as the Brothers when it came to handling their act on the stage.

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