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Once upon a time in Sierra Leone, two cousins and a friend (David Bangura, Rogee Rogers and Alan Smith) started a pop dance group they called The Davalgee Three. Soon afterward, Derek Bangura, Richmond Garrick and Dwight Short joined the group which then became The Davalgee Brothers. From early 1980 to late 1986, The Davalgees were the musical heart throb of the youth in Sierra Leone."

Davalgee won many laurels including the Sierra Gramy Awards which was called the Progress Awards for many years.The Davalgee Brothers Also won The best Male Dancing group trophy at the SENATORS discorama which was the Biggest Dancing competition show in Sierra Leone.

The Davalgees collaborated with other local groups and bands, and performed along side artists and groups like Asward, Burning Spear, Osibisa, Isaac Hays, Paris Ludo Casino Caberet and Miatta Fambuleh, just to name a few.

The Davalgee group matured into an eight-piece band and also formed a females only department called "The Davalgee Sisters" who were just as magnificient as the brothers.

During the mid 1980's, the Davalgees, starting with Rogee, began to migrate to different countries. Eventual the core of Davalgee left Sierra Leone for the United States and Europe. Rogee, David and Richmond "Ritchie" ended up in America. Derek ended up in Germany, Dwight and Alan went to England. Later on, Alan moved to America.

The Davalgee Sisters also moved overseas to the United States and several European countries. Some of the members of the Expanded Davalgees are still in Sierra Leone, while others have migrated to other parts of the world. Technical, one can say... Davalgee has gone International.

The Davalgees closest associates were: Ronko Theatre, Tabule Theatre, Solid Gold dancers, The Falcons, The professionals, The whispers, Geneneers, Sa Lone Ishmile, John Gbla, The Kowa Sisters, The Sweet Aftons, David Vandy, Charlie HingaPat Sheriff, The Senators. Sarah Crowther-Nicole, Abdul Mansaray, Mohamed Mansaray and all Davalgee fans, of course.

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