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When David, Alan and Rogee formed "The Davalgee Three," Derek, the older brother of David and cousin of Rogee, was doing his 'A' Levels in Ireland at the time. One can only wonders what the name DAVALGEE would have been if Derek was in Sierra Leone during the formation of the group.

When Derek returned to Sierra Leone, becoming a Davalgee brother was just a natural course of event, but he had to work very hard to come up to par with the Davalgee reputation that was already built. His maturity and seriousness was also very instrumental in moving the Davalgees to the next level of professionalism.

Besides his role as a Davalgee brother, Derek was the first president of The Sierra Leone Disco Dancers Association (SLDDA). All DISCORAMA's that took place in Sierra Leone were governed by the SLDDA.

Derek Bangura tells a little about himself...

I got to Germany in 1986 as you may know.

- I learned the language

- Started many different things & ended up with a diploma in Aviation Economics(3 yr. course)

- I Have been working for the German Lufthansa Airlines for the past 10 years.I am responsible for Passenger & Flight Co-ordination in Berlin & I`m also attached to the Check -in / Customer Service Training Department

- I`m Married to Graca & have a son, Darrel

- Hobbies: SALSA Dancing & my Family

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